Great response to our indemnity survey


In June 2017 we had an overwhelming response to our survey about how rising indemnity costs were affecting GPs.

Here are some of the comments you shared with us:

Impact on primary care

The primary care system is already on its knees. Consultations are sometimes rushed, patients can't get appointments and GPs are stressed. If I was at the start of my career again I would not opt into general practice.

There have been occasions where I say no to extra sessions because I would lose money to do them because of the higher indemnity cost. This is a ludicrous situation!

I am thinking about emigrating.

Future of general practice

A significant increase in costs will affect the numbers of doctors who choose to join general practice, as well as prompting many GPs to either reduce their workload or retire. This will have a massive impact on the GP workforce, which is already reducing.

As a profession we are struggling to attract young doctors away from a hospital career and into general practice. Unless the issue regarding the increase in cost is resolved the job of attracting future GPs into the profession will get even harder. Older GPs I am sure will be persuaded to retire earlier.

I just despair. Does anyone really care for our patients and the NHS?

Newly qualified GPs

I am about to qualify and the indemnity costs are seriously making me consider leaving medicine. I have already started arranging interviews outside of medicine.

Indemnity is sky rocketing now. GP indemnity at present is at an unsustainable level. I am considering leaving the profession in my 30s.

Public awareness

I work three GP sessions currently. After my indemnity/professional costs and my childcare costs, I take nothing home. In fact, it almost certainly costs us financially for me to work as a GP when the hidden costs are taken into account. I think there should be a public debate about the insanity of this situation and what it is doing to NHS primary care.

The public need to know that the cost of indemnity will take money away from provision of care.