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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646

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On your side

"From the first phone conversation, my MDU medico-legal adviser was calm and reassuring."

Have you ever thought what it would be like if a complaint against you was made to the GMC?

Or if a patient sued you for clinical negligence? What would you do if your career was at risk?

Professional medical indemnity from the MDU can offer much more than financial assistance when things go wrong.

We can guide, support and defend you throughout your entire career.

More doctors in the UK choose MDU

We are the UK's leading medical defence organisation. More doctors in the UK choose the MDU for their indemnity than any other medical defence organisation.

Led by doctors, for doctors

Our team is led and staffed by doctors with real-life experience of the pressures and challenges faced in practice.


We are a not-for-profit organisation wholly dedicated to our members' interests.

Your career and reputation are as important to us as they are to you.

A few years ago, I found myself at the GMC facing allegations of errors in my clinical practice. A patient with significant co-morbidities had died following invasive investigation. When the family complained, I passed the matter over to the trust, who took so long to reply to the complaint that the family went to the GMC in the meantime.

I was deeply shocked. Over the next few months, I didn’t sleep, lost weight and was verging on depression.

From the first phone conversation, my MDU medico-legal adviser was calm and reassuring. And very efficient; within a few days my case was in the hands of an MDU solicitor and we were starting to put together my defence.

The case took two years to resolve and I was completely exonerated by the GMC, to my huge relief. Throughout, the service from the MDU was superb. Not just in processing my case, but supporting me psychologically and emotionally. Without that, it would have been even harder to bear.

We guide you

"I had exemplary support, and if I ever have to go through it again I know that there'll be a competent, experienced, expert team there for me."

Medico-legal and ethical challenges can arise at any time.

Our advisory team are available between 9-5 Monday to Friday and provide an on-call service for medico-legal emergencies or urgent queries 24-hours a day.

Our website has extensive advice, guides, podcasts and videos. And you can learn from the experiences of others from our journals.

Over 30,000 advice calls each year

In 2016, we handled almost 30,000 calls to our 24 hour advice line. Our medico-legal team is available between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday and provides an on-call service for medico-legal emergencies or urgent queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Experience counts

Our medico-legal advisers are all experienced doctors from a wide range of specialties. They can relate to you and provide a guiding hand.

Advice on the go

We know you are busy, and can't always call. That's why our guidance is available on online.

You can call our advisory team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are going through a claim, as I did, you need to know somebody is immediately available when you call, that they can locate your file quickly and that their advice is sensible and reliable. The MDU does all this, and on top of that, you get genuine personal support. In a time of real crisis, that’s invaluable.

The claim was desperately upsetting. So much so that I nearly quit medicine over it. The team at the MDU calmed me down, stopped me overreacting and kept me on the straight and narrow. I felt I had exemplary support, and if I ever have to go through it again I know that there’ll be a competent, experienced, expert team there for me.

We support you

"My experience of the MDU is that it just takes one phone call and things start to happen."

You don't have to be in a crisis to call us. Talking things through with one of our expert advisers can help clarify and reassure you about an issue.

We can also help with writing medico-legal reports, responding to patient complaints or help with disciplinary hearings.

Rapid response

Over 97% of calls to the MDU medico-legal helpline are connected straight to a medico-legal adviser during normal working hours.

24-hour media support

Having the press on your doorstep can be distressing. Our press office is available 24 hours a day to help you. They can even handle journalists on your behalf.

Large advisory teams

We have medico-legal advisers based throughout the UK. We also have solicitors who are experts in medical negligence claims.

With our expert and personal guidance you can practise with confidence.

My experience of the MDU is that it just takes one phone call and things start to happen. I had a stalker who followed me at work, but when they began to write to me at home, I felt very threatened. I didn’t sleep for days. Then I talked to an MDU adviser, and within a few hours a plan was in place to resolve the situation. It was a huge relief.

As a fertility specialist, my practice is prone to press attention. One patient took her story to the national press. We really wanted to respond to the article, defending our standards of care. But the MDU press office advised exactly what to do and say, which was to keep silent. Counterintuitive, perhaps, but it worked – without any fuel, it just wasn’t news any more.

I’m sure any doctor who’s been through such distressing situations would tell you that it affects you to the core of your being. Having the MDU on your side makes it bearable.

We defend you

"With the MDU's help you do survive, get through it, continue practising and in many ways become a better doctor."

Our defence of members is robust.

Your defence team will include a doctor, professional indemnity claims handler and, if necessary, a solicitor. Our aim is to secure the best and fairest outcome for every member we help. We will never settle a claim without your agreement.

Remember – if you rely on NHS indemnity alone, you may find yourself without support for medico-legal issues, such as a complaint to the GMC or a professional disciplinary hearing. Please contact us for more information.

Impressive results

We have a proven track record for successfully defending our members.

Few financial settlements

Over the last 10 years we successfully defended over 75% of claims, making no compensation payments.

Strong track record

You may get a clinical negligence claim many years after the incident. You want to be with an organisation that has a long history.

You can call our advisory team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The pace, intensity and unpredictable nature of emergency medicine leads to significant risk and the potential of delivering substandard care or inadvertently making mistakes in treating patients. No matter how careful and professional you try to be, adverse events are always possible. During a sustained and relentless period of seriously injured patients arriving, I failed to examine a patient thoroughly enough. She later died.

For five years after that incident I went through investigation after investigation – my trust, the coroner’s inquest and finally the GMC. From the outset, my medico-legal adviser was professional and calm. She explained very clearly what would happen next. Within two weeks, I’d had a long conversation with a solicitor and things started to move forward. The service was excellent.

Unfortunately, a few years later following another serious incident a family made a complaint to the GMC. I was really anxious when I rang the MDU. However, they were positive and supportive, and engaged the same solicitor as before. It was very reassuring to talk to someone who knew me. The GMC investigation concluded without any action after an investigation.

Many doctors go through the mill like I did. It’s important to realise that with the MDU’s help you do survive, get through it, continue practising and in many ways become a better doctor.

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Membership is available in the UK and we also provide indemnity for training grades working in recognised, supervised training positions in many countries of the world.

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