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The Hands-on Guide to the Foundation Programme

This book is based on the collective experience of junior doctors who remember only too well the highs and lows of their first job. It is full of advice from starting up to some of the common calls and conditions you will encounter on a daily basis. It provides invaluable support with up-to-date information on postgraduate training and practical management skills to help you build confidence and hit the ground running.

This book was previously 'The Hands-on Guide for Junior Doctors'.

Pocket Prescriber

This pocket book contains the 'must have' information that medical students and junior doctors need at their fingertips.

Key features include:

  • An A-Z of the 500 most commonly prescribed drugs with key prescribing information.
  • Safety issues, warnings, drug errors and adverse effects.
  • Guidance on drug selection, protocols and guidelines.
  • Advice for complicated prescriptions.
  • Management summaries for common medical emergencies.
  • Useful reminders of basic pharmacology.

Oxford Handbooks Clinical Tutor Study Cards – Medicine

These handy cards enable you to revise on the move and cover all the essential conditions and diseases tested in Finals. You can also use them when carrying out examinations or just before ward rounds. Each pack is split into sections and supplemented with colour illustrations to help you make quick and confident diagnoses.