Reflective practice for doctors and medical students

New joint guidance is designed to support doctors and medical students developing skills as reflective practitioners.

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Medic using a smartphone

How our love of smartphones may transform communication in hospitals

Dr Ellie Mein looks at how mobile technology is changing the way we learn, deliver healthcare, manage time and monitor patients.

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App development

Why I built the revision app Synap while doing my medical degree

MDU student members can access free MCQs from the Oxford Assess and Progress series on Synap. James Gupta, Synap founder, talks about what inspired him to create a revision app while completing his medical degree at Leeds University.

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Speaking up about your superior

A student observes inappropriate behaviour by their supervisor on a ward. What should they do next?

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Teddy Bear Hospital has played a huge role in my medical school experience so far.


Teddies to the rescue: life inside a Teddy Bear Hospital society

Teddy Bear Hospital society president Issy Soans tells us why she loves supporting schools local to her university in Keele.

Raised fingers

Speaking up for patient safety

It’s not always easy but doctors have a professional duty to raise concerns when patient safety is being put at risk. Dr Kathryn Leask highlights resources that can help prepare you to speak up.

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In surgery

Why I decided to become... a neurosurgeon

Mr Jerard Ross was torn between two subjects at university. He describes what led him to pursue medicine and a career in a surgical specialty.

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My elective in photos Zambia and South Africa

Medical student Alice Gwyn-Jones reports back on her elective after unforgettable experiences in southern Africa.

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Laptop, coffee and notebook

Why writing makes us better medics

For some it’s a chore, but for others it’s freedom. Tanya Drobnis, UCL medical student and co-editor of the university’s student medical journal Rums Review shares her love of writing and medical journalism.

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