FP/AFP 2019 application process timeline


This timeline is taken from UKFPO guidance. More detailed information is available in the UKFP 2019 Applicants' Handbook.

Date Activity

25 Jun-8 Aug 18

Eligibility application submission period.
20 Aug 18 AFP programmes available to view on Oriel.
24 Sep 18 Registration period on Oriel.
27 Sep 18 Deadline for reasonable adjustments to sit the SJT.

1-12 Oct 18

National application period for FP and AFP applications.
12 Oct 18 Deadline for special circumstances applications to the home medical school.
From 15 Oct 18 AFP short-listing and interviews.
22 Oct 18 EA and EPM scores viewable on Oriel.
7 Dec 18 First SJT date.
7 Jan 19 Second SJT date.
10 Jan 19 AFP applicants to provide evidence of RTW (non-EEA applicants).
16 Jan-13 Feb 19 AFP national offers made.

14 Feb 19

Deadline for applicants to amend preferences (FP only).
28 Feb 19 FP applicants to provide evidence for RTW (non-EEA applicants).
7 Mar 19 FP primary list allocation to foundation school.
8-29 Mar 19 Applicants to preference groups and/or individual programmes on Oriel.
10 Mar-10 Apr 19 Online references gathered.
4 Apr 19 FP primary list applicants informed of match to programme results.
From Apr 19 Reserve list allocations.
Jun 19 Applicants to have provisional GMC registration with a licence to practise.
Jul/Aug 19 Newly appointed F1s required to attend a period of pre-employment shadowing.