FP selection

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Selection to the Foundation Programme is overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). Applicants must apply to the Foundation Programme through Oriel and rank all 20 foundation schools. There's also the option to apply for specialised and priority programmes.

To be considered for any of the two-year programmes, you must be eligible for provisional registration with the GMC and must have been nominated or deemed eligible in order to apply.

Allocation to foundation schools depends on the score achieved by each student. The system begins with the highest-scoring applicant, assigns them their first choice, and continues in the same vein. Once the system reaches an applicant whose first choice is full, they're assigned their second choice and so on.

Therefore, whether you get placed at your first choice location is down to your score and the popularity of your chosen foundation school.

Applications have a maximum of 100 points consisting of:

  1. Educational Performance Measure (EPM) 50 points maximum
  2. Situational Judgement Test (SJT) 50 points maximum


The EPM is a measure of clinical and non-clinical skills and performance up to the point of application. It's made up of two elements:

  1. Medical school performance in deciles (34-43 points available)
  2. Educational performance (7 points available)

Applicants have the option to upload evidence of additional educational achievements. There are two categories from which applicants can be awarded up to seven points:

  1. Additional degree (one only) (5 points available)
  2. Publications (maximum of two) (2 points available; 1 point per publication)

Educational achievements are machine marked and Oriel allocates a provisional score based on the information provided. National verifying panels then confirm the scores.


The SJT is a computer-based assessment designed to assess the attributes needed to work as a foundation doctor and the competencies outlined in the UKFP person specification

It presents a series of work-related situations and asked applicants questions about how they would respond. All applicants to the Foundation Programme are required to sit the SJT.

Once all tests are marked and test-equated the scores are translated to a 0-50 scale. Applicants are then given a total score comprising their EPM score and SJT score and ranked in score order. In the event of tied scores, the decile score is used first to break ties, then the SJT score, and then ties are broken randomly. The unique ranks are then used to match groups and programmes.

If there are more eligible applicants than places top ranking applicants are placed on a primary list. Following the allocation process, primary list applicants are matched to groups and programmes. Applicants not allocated to the primary list are placed on a reserve list and allocated in batches on predetermined dates.

Still have questions? See the UKFP Application FAQs on the UKFPO website.