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First-hand tips and advice on starting and settling into your early years at medical school.

Ear, nose, throat doctor
A question of consent

9 October 2020

A medical student was shadowing a junior doctor on a paediatric surgical ward. His duties included helping the junior doctor to clerk new admissions for elective surgery, and he also observed when the doctor obtained consent for surgery.

Red roses
Accepting gifts from patients

27 June 2018

It's always nice to feel valued and nothing says this more than a gift as a token of appreciation. This may seem harmless enough but as future doctors you need to consider carefully what is, and is not, appropriate to accept.

Rachel Bloomfield Ngorongoro crater Tanzania
Elective planning: what you need to know before you go

17 July 2016

An elective is for many students one of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of their medical studies.

Revision tips
Revision tips

27 March 2015

Exam season is always a stressful time of year, but revising effectively can reduce your anxiety and boost confidence.

social media
A breach of patient privacy on Twitter

20 January 2014

A medical student was attending a clinical genetics clinic as an observer. Patients with rare genetic conditions were being reviewed. Some had physical abnormalities, for example, severe skeletal abnormalities of the hands and feet.

Inappropriate prescribing

20 January 2014

A recently qualified junior doctor was doing his final surgery in general practice before going on a skiing trip to America. He was keen to get home to pack following the late surgery session. A few days earlier he had slipped on ice and twisted his back. Paracetamol and ibuprofen weren't relieving the pain and he was concerned about being in discomfort on the flight and while skiing.

Protecting patient information

20 January 2014

At the end of visiting time on the ward, the daughter of an elderly patient approached a medical student in the corridor to ask how he felt her father was getting on.

Raising concerns about patient safety

20 January 2014

A medical student was working on a general surgical ward as part of his surgical attachment at a university teaching hospital. He was working closely with the F1 assigned to the ward and was being supervised by one of the senior trainees.

Elective planning dos and don'ts

28 November 2013

By rights I should have had the most seamless time organising my elective. After all, I had just taken a year out of my medical studies to set up The Electives Network (TEN). Twelve months spent gathering information on hospitals all over the world and digitising thousands of student feedback reports to build a resource to help other medical students.