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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646

Student case files

Conscientious objection

2 January 2015

A final-year medical student on attachment disagreed with abortion on religious grounds.

Good Samaritan acts

12 December 2014

A medical student was preparing for her elective in Australia and wanted to know if she was covered for Good Samaritan acts.

Student breach of confidentiality

12 December 2014

A student accidentally breached confidentiality following a consultant-led ward round, in which the student examined a patient.

Female doctor holding phone
Student-patient relationships

12 December 2014

A female medical student was asked out on date by a patient.

Beer cans
Concerns about a fellow student

12 December 2014

A student was worried about a fellow medical student. She believed her friend was drinking excessively and knew he was taking drugs.

Police cautions

12 December 2014

A student asked if a police caution would affect his application for registration with the GMC.

Resolving confusion

12 December 2014

A medical student was taking a patient history and the patient incorrectly assumed the student was a qualified doctor.

Guide to clinical negligence
Getting consent when observing patients

12 December 2014

A medical student found herself the subject of a patient complaint after she had observed during an examination by a consultant neurologist.

Writing a response
Preparing a witness statement

12 December 2014

A medical student was asked by the police to submit a written witness statement in relation to an allegation of sexual assault a patient has made against a hospital consultant.

Raising concerns about your supervisor

12 June 2013

A student working at a GP surgery rang the MDU to ask for advice after her GP trainer had turned up twice in a week looking dishevelled and smelling strongly of alcohol.

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