Student case files

FTP hearing
Fitness to practise (FTP) proceedings

11 June 2013

A final year medical student contacted the MDU because he had been called to an FTP hearing as a result of concerns about his professionalism and conduct.

Raising concerns about your colleague

6 June 2013

A medical student undertaking his intercalated BSc year discovered his flatmate had accessed his computer several times and copied his assignments.

Working outside your competency level

6 June 2013

A third year student had been asked to catheterise a patient. He was unsure how to do this, so asked the patient to hold up his mobile phone showing a YouTube video of how to catheterise a patient.

Acting as a Good Samaritan

5 June 2013

In her first week of medical school, an MDU member came across an injured woman lying in the street.

Woman drinking wine in window
Mental health concerns

4 June 2013

A student asked the MDU for help with an FTP hearing. She had received a police caution for driving under the influence of alcohol.