On your return from your elective

angela kwan

You'll probably be expected to provide a report to your medical school or maybe even to the body that sponsored your trip. TEN works equally well as a resource for these reports, providing relevant information about the country you've visited.

If you have ongoing health concerns on your return, seek medical review. Be vigilant about any unexplained symptoms for several months afterwards and don't forget to continue your malarial prophylaxis!

Finally, let others benefit from your experience by completing the feedback section on TEN's website or sending a copy of your elective report to: marketing@themdu.com or Marketing team, FREEPOST MDU SERVICES LTD.

Some hospitals, particularly in developing countries, benefit enormously from the support provided by skilled volunteers. If you have spent your elective in this kind of situation, recording your experience may encourage other medical students to return in the future. If things didn't go well for you on your elective, you may want to warn other students about avoidable pitfalls.

We hope the information provided in this booklet helps you plan a successful and rewarding elective. Good luck!

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