Elective reports

Staying safe in Lahore

5 October 2009

Yasmin Akram, from St Georges medical school, travelled for her elective to Pakistan, where she experienced a very unfamiliar political and medical culture.

Remote control in Nepal

10 June 2009

Lauren Newcomb coped with basic and freezing conditions when she spent her elective two days' walk away from the nearest hospital, high in the Himalayas.

Against the odds in southern Africa

24 April 2009

For his elective, Tom Kelly, a medical student at Sheffield, witnessed the daily struggle of doctors in Namibia as they sought to cope with the high incidence of HIV and tuberculosis.

Gunshot after gunshot

24 April 2009

Louise Rushbrook, a student at Leicester, chose Johannesburg, the trauma capital of the world, for her elective destination and was rewarded with a mass of hands-on clinical experience she could never have obtained at home.

Alfred the great

22 April 2009

Steven Colabella, a medical student at Manchester experienced emergency medicine in one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world when he chose the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, for his elective.

Hand surgery in Sydney

6 March 2009

Nick Peterson, a previous medical student at Liverpool chose to work in a specialist orthopaedic hand unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia, for his elective.

Medical management of the professional rugby player

18 September 2007

Michael Rees spent his elective in New Zealand learning about a field of medicine not covered in great detail by the core curriculum yet still an important part of medical practice.

An elective report from Tokyo

1 July 2007

Jennifer Kiggins decided to do her elective at the Jikei University School of Medicine as it was closely based on Guys, Kings and Thomas' medical schools.