Top tips

  1. Know your limits and don’t be nervous about asking for help from your supervisors or GP colleagues. Remember, you can also call the MDU’s free 24-hour helpline for confidential advice on ethical matters such as patient consent, confidentiality or assessing capacity.
  2. If you find yourself running late, try to stay calm and not to let it affect the service you deliver for the rest of the session. This may happen in the beginning but don’t forget to apologise to patients if they are kept waiting.
  3. Make the most of your support network, whether this is your new practice colleagues, your medical defence organisation, your friends or family. They will help you stay on top of things and maintain your work-life balance.
  4. Check you have basic equipment before starting a session or going on a home visit. Rushing about to find an Otoscope during a consultation will heighten your stress levels.
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