Case studies

Image of a depressed teenager
A reasonable diagnosis

17 December 2010

A 28-year old woman saw her GP, a member of the MDU, complaining of a lump in her breast which had been present for five days. The young woman had no history of breast problems.

Anatomy of a claim
Advice about a lump

17 December 2010

A patient’s claim alleged that his GP failed to advise him about reattendance for review of a lump.

Image of a knee x-ray
Bilateral amputation

17 December 2010

The 34-year old female patient injured her knee while running. Although she was initially able to walk, by the following day her knee was increasingly painful and stiff so she attended her local accident and emergency department.

criminal records
Criminal records

17 December 2010

Should you disclose patient details to the police in connection with a high value fraud?

End of life dilemma

17 December 2010

The case of a patient who expressed an intention to commit suicide raises an interesting question about confidentiality.

Ischaemia in the toes

17 December 2010

It was alleged that an MDU GP member did not spot the early stages of ischaemia, nor referred the patient to hospital quickly enough to avoid the loss of her toes.

Marital secrets

17 December 2010

A couple – a 35-year old woman and her 49-year old male partner – had been trying to conceive for two years, ever since their marriage.

Ruptured Achilles tendon

17 December 2010

A 36-year old male patient attended his GP, a member of the MDU, complaining of an injury to his right ankle.

Who can claim a death certificate?

17 December 2010

This is a highly unusual case involving rival requests for a patient’s death certificate.

Image of spine
Back pain became cauda equina

16 December 2010

The patient was a 46-year old man with a history of recurrent low back pain. He had a severe attack six months before and had had an x-ray which showed some degenerative changes. He consulted his GP, an MDU member, complaining of left leg pain and some numbness.