Case studies

Acute abdomen

4 December 2013

A GP member responded to an early morning request to visit a male patient in his late 20's.

40-year claim

4 December 2013

A baby born by caesarean section after a 60-hour labour suffered cognitive and physical impairment, allegedly as a result of a delay in performing the procedure.

Complications following arthroscopy

4 December 2013

A 52-year old woman was referred to see an orthopaedic surgeon, a member of the MDU, with a two-month history of left knee pain.

Campylobacter infection

4 December 2013

An 80-year old woman rang the GP out of hours service stating that she had diarrhoea and vomiting.

never events
Anaesthetic awareness

4 December 2013

A 34-year old woman with no significant past medical history was admitted for elective repair of a paraumbilical hernia. The anaesthetist reviewed her pre-operatively. She explained the anaesthetic process and advised of the risks of dental damage, sore throat, post-operative nausea, vomiting and pain.

Biliary injury

29 November 2012

A 50-year old woman was referred to a consultant general surgeon with a history of intermittent right upper quadrant pain. An ultrasound scan revealed gallstones and a shrunken gallbladder.

medical instruments
Elusive nerve

29 November 2012

A patient claimed that her consultant ENT surgeon negligently injured her recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) during a thyroidectomy, leading to an RLN palsy.

Ischaemic orchitis

29 November 2012

The patient had been referred to a general surgeon by his GP because of a bulky recurrent left inguinal hernia.

Ureteric damage

29 November 2012

A 48-year old woman was referred to a consultant gynaecologist when her GP was unable to remove her IUD. The consultant found a bulky uterus, cystocele and second degree prolapse. Also unable to remove the coil, he recommended a hysterectomy.

Failure to diagnose meningitis

1 October 2012

Nine years after the event, a parent alleged that a GP failed to diagnose meningitis in her child. The GP had since died and the medical records had been destroyed.