Case studies

Delayed diagnosis but no damage

16 December 2010

A lump in the breast diagnosed as a benign sebaceous cyst turned out to be an invasive ductal carcinoma. The MDU successfully defended the GP member, proving that any delay in diagnosis did not affect the outcome.

Failure to diagnose heart disease

16 December 2010

A patient with a history of indigestion and hypertension alleged that her GP had negligently failed to diagnose heart disease. She later had a heart attack.

Miscarriage following laparoscopy

16 December 2010

An MDU member was accused of failing to establish whether the patient was pregnant before proceeding with diagnostic laparoscopy.

Delay in referral nearly proved fatal

15 December 2010

A patient claimed £80,000 against two GPs whom she alleged had failed to diagnose tubo-ovarian abscesses.

Cancer not present at first presentation

6 December 2010

This case concerns a young man who tragically died of testicular cancer at just 25 years of age. He initially saw his GP complaining of a lump in his scrotum. Two years later, he developed a tumour in his right testicle. Before his death, he brought a claim for clinical negligence against the GP.

Epidural abscess

6 December 2010

A 60-year old male patient was referred privately to our member, an experienced consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon, for investigation of debilitating coccydynia.

Infertility following termination

6 December 2010

A patient brought a claim against a gynaecologist for alleged negligence in performing a termination which resulted in hysterectomy.

Sutured nerve

6 December 2010

Routine knee surgery left a patient with numbness in the lower leg and foot drop. She brought a claim alleging failure to warn of potential common peroneal nerve damage – a known complication of meniscal repair surgery.

clock hands
A delayed diagnosis

24 November 2010

A GP contacted the MDU to request assistance with an Ombudsman’s investigation into a complaint from the daughter of a deceased patient.

Removal from a GP list

24 November 2010

A GP member received a complaint from a patient who had been removed from the practice list.