Case studies

allegations of abuse
Complaint from patient's partner over allegations of abuse

30 January 2024

A patient visited her GP, extremely anxious about a forthcoming family court appearance that she was unwilling to attend.

Confidentiality and mental health: speaking to a spouse

30 January 2024

A patient’s wife contacted one of our GP members with concerns about her husband’s mental health. The GP wondered if this would be a breach of confidentiality.

Social media
Social media slip

30 January 2024

A foundation doctor had just completed a difficult shift in which he'd treated a trans rights activist who had been attacked on the way home from college and left with cuts and bruises.

An altered fit note

30 January 2024

A practice manager called the MDU after being contacted by a local employer, asking whether a fit note issued by the practice was genuine.

Coroners case
Successful defence of Equality Act claim

11 September 2023

A GP practice did not discriminate against a patient they deregistered for abusing and threatening staff.

Pencil eraser
Addressing an inaccurate complaint response

29 June 2022

The MDU was able to assist a consultant who felt a trust's response to a complaint didn't accurately reflect the facts.

Couple talking to doctor
Best interests

29 June 2022

An MDU member needed reassurance when an elderly patient's adult children disagreed about their mother's best interests.

X-ray of chest and lungs
Cause of death

29 June 2022

A GP member was unsure how to proceed when what they believed to be an unexpected death was deemed natural by the coroner.

Two surgeons in theatre
Consent for surgery

29 June 2022

A surgeon needed to check that a patient's consent was still valid before performing an operation, and called the MDU for advice.

Doctor writing statement
Coroner's statement after remote consultation

29 June 2022

An unexpected call from the coroner led to an MDU consultant member calling for support with making a statement.