Case studies

Implant complications
Implant complications

20 January 2014

A consultant plastic surgeon, an MDU member, saw a 40-year old female patient who requested cheek augmentation surgery.

Image of pound sterling coins
Bilateral vocal chord paralysis

10 January 2014

A patient claimed he should have been warned of a 2 in 10,000 risk of bilateral chord damage

Image of surgical scissors
Bile leak

10 January 2014

A patient claimed her surgeon should have converted to an open procedure to locate and repair a bile duct injury caused during a laparascopic cholescystectomy

concerns colleague
Concerns about a senior colleague

10 January 2014

A newly qualified consultant's professional dilemma about raising a concern

Cricket ball catch
Distal phalanx amputation

10 January 2014

An infection rapidly progressed to osteomyelitis as a result of the patient's poorly-controlled diabetes

Image of confidentiality breach
Information governance breach

10 January 2014

A practice sent an email to 500 patients with their addresses visible to all recipients

Woman holding stomach
NAD on cystoscopy

10 January 2014

A ureteric injury was not detected at the time of surgery.

No-scalpel vasectomy

10 January 2014

A patient suffered a scrotal haematoma following no-scalpel vasectomy

No warning of ectropion

10 January 2014

Failure to warn a patient of the possible complication of ectropion following blepharoplasty led to a successful claim

Image of a video camera
Recording allowed objective assessment

10 January 2014

A case concerning bowel perforation was successfully defended at trial