Case studies

Social media
Social media slip

13 May 2021

A foundation doctor had just completed a difficult shift in which he'd treated a trans rights activist who had been attacked on the way home from college and left with cuts and bruises.

Arrow path
Second thoughts

13 May 2021

As a rugby fan, an FY1 was delighted when a friend asked him to act as match day doctor at an amateur fixture the following Saturday. There was just one problem – he was supposed to be on call that weekend.

Off the record

13 May 2021

It was a foundation doctor's turn to record the consultant’s morning ward-round. After listening to the chest of a patient with acute severe asthma, the consultant noted he could hear a wheeze on both sides and recommended nebulised salbutamol, oxygen and steroids, and a review in two hours.

A painful experience

13 May 2021

An FY2 was sharing a house with several friends from university. One housemate had been taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatories for several weeks after sustaining a knee injury. She pleaded with the doctor to prescribe her something stronger to address the pain as she could not take time off work to attend a GP appointment.

Wine glass
A near miss

6 May 2021

A stressed and anxious foundation doctor was increasingly resorting to several glasses of wine to help her unwind and get to sleep after shifts, although she’d noticed this was starting to affect her performance.

The perils of poor communication

29 April 2021

A foundation doctor was asked to clerk a male patient who had been referred to the emergency department by his GP. The GP suspected cauda equina syndrome after the patient complained of severe back pain, numbness in his legs and difficulty passing urine.

Litigation Privilege
Litigation privilege

16 October 2020

A consultant radiologist member called the MDU advice line to discuss a recent opinion he had been asked to provide for a patient's solicitor in the context of a clinical negligence claim.

Doctor writing report
Post mortem declined

9 October 2020

Can a patient request not to have a post mortem?

Leaflet from doctor
Conflicting opinion

9 October 2020

A patient who suffered a detached retina claimed he had not been warned that this was a risk of cataract surgery, an allegation denied by the MDU member.

allegations of abuse
Complaint from patient's partner over allegations of abuse

5 October 2020

A patient visited her GP, extremely anxious about a forthcoming family court appearance that she was unwilling to attend.