Pills on car keys
Drug-driving and prescription medication

12 January 2021

Some patients may have questions about licensed medications and driving.

Storing and disposing of human skeletons and material

7 January 2021

How to appropriately dispose of real human skeletons.

GP speaking to patient
Montgomery and informed consent

20 November 2020

Explaining informed consent and the significance of Montgomery vs Lanarkshire Health Board.

Consultation with doctor
New guidance on decision making and consent

3 November 2020

Doctors need to be aware of updated consent guidance which focuses on dialogue with patients.

student speaking to GP
Pupils in the practice

9 October 2020

Before welcoming a work experience pupil into your GP surgery, take into account these key considerations.

importance of raising concerns
Statutory duty of candour in secondary care

4 August 2020

Secondary care providers registered with CQC in England are subject to a statutory duty of candour, introduced in November 2014.

duty of candour
Duty of candour at a glance

4 August 2020

Your quick guide to the duty of candour.

Closeup of record button on device
Patients wanting to record consultations

3 April 2020

What should you do if a patient wants to record a consultation, overtly or covertly?

thumbs down
Dealing with online criticism

24 January 2020

What to do and how to respond when patients go online to criticise your practice.

Law books
Aspects of the clinical negligence legal process explained

15 January 2020

Your guide to understanding the processes and procedures of a claim once it is underway.