Mirror on grass reflecting the sky. Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash
Quick guide to reflective practice

11 November 2022

What you need to know to be a reflective practitioner.

Crowd taking photos
Patients in the public eye

3 November 2022

Patient confidentiality applies to all patients – no matter how famous or high-profile they might be.

cloud data computing
Storing information using a data cloud

1 November 2022

Storing patient information in a cloud can be useful – but it's worth making sure you've considered data security and confidentiality issues.

Man complaining to doctor
The NHS complaints procedure in Scotland

1 November 2022

A concise but comprehensive guide to the Scottish NHS complaints procedure.

Gardai lamppost, Ireland
Disclosing confidential information to the Gardaí in the Republic of Ireland

31 October 2022

When might doctors be required to share information with the Gardaí?

documents in filing cabinets
Freedom of information

31 October 2022

What are the responsibilities for making information available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act?

Image of padlock against digital binary numbers
Protecting patient data

28 October 2022

Be mindful of how and where you store identifiable patient information.

Hospital doctor with elderly patient and relative
How to assess best interests

21 October 2022

Advice on assessing best interests when patients can't consent to treatment.

GP assessing patient capacity
Assessing mental capacity

20 October 2022

Assessing a patient's capacity to consent is essential, and it’s important to take all practicable steps to help patients make decisions.

Remote consultations
Conducting remote consultations

17 October 2022

The GMC's core principles apply as much to remote consultations as to any other consultation. Here's what to consider.