duty of candour
Duty of candour: Scotland

28 February 2022

Healthcare organisations in Scotland are subject to a statutory duty of candour.

Stethoscope and a syringe

22 February 2022

Your prescribing duties at a glance.

Decision making patient consent
Advance decisions

14 February 2022

What you need to know about advance decisions and GPs’ obligations.

Avoiding TB diagnosis delays - The MDU
Avoiding TB diagnosis delays

2 February 2022

GPs play an important role in spotting tuberculosis (TB) cases – and diagnosis delays are a concerning area.

newspaper headline
Protecting yourself from a sexual assault allegation

2 February 2022

Sexual assault allegations can be distressing for everyone, so it's useful to know how to protect yourself from a misunderstanding.

Close up of man

19 January 2022

The who, when and what of having a chaperone present during intimate examinations.

man receiving botox treatment
Cosmetic procedures

17 January 2022

A quick guide to performing cosmetic procedures.

before and after
Marketing with before-and-after images

14 January 2022

Keep in mind ethical considerations and patient consent when using before-and-after images for promotion.

computer doctor consultation
Computers and consultations

14 January 2022

Computers can enhance healthcare interactions for both patients and clinicians, but they can also present challenges if not incorporated effectively.

man with toothache
Treating patients with dental problems: advice for GPs

12 January 2022

What to do if a patient approaches you as a GP with dental concerns.