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Patients with online accounts will be able to see new entries in their records. We answer your questions on the impact on your practice.

Doctor clipboard notes
Certifying deaths after expiry of the Coronavirus Act

28 September 2022

Doctors must have seen the patient during last illness or attended the body to certify death.

Buckingham Palace gates
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

12 September 2022

We are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

assessing mental capacity
How to assess mental capacity in the Republic of Ireland

12 September 2022

Assessing a patient’s capacity is essential if their ability to make a decision is in question.

Magnifying glass
Medical examiners to scrutinise deaths in the community

19 August 2022

The medical examiner system is now expanding out from acute trusts to include community settings, including GP practices.

sickle cell disorder
Sickle cell disorder - what you need to know

28 July 2022

Dr Kathryn Leask discusses medico-legal considerations with sickle cell disorder and how these can be avoided.

young foundation doctor
Taking care of your wellbeing after medical school

15 July 2022

What to expect during your transition from medical student to foundation doctor – with advice on taking care of yourself during this busy period.

passing a baton between hands
How to deal with a request for a private referral

13 July 2022

Make sure patients are referred down the right pathway for efficient access to the right specialist and to avoid complaints.

nurse complaint
Review of MDU files shows nurses face similar medico-legal concerns as doctors

6 July 2022

We’re helping nurse practitioner members with support and advice across a wide range of investigations.

Close-up of patient holding hands with doctor
Cultivating compassion

20 June 2022

The Medical Mediation Foundation team offer some tips on how to build your capacity for compassion.