Latest updates and advice

Nurse practitioner
Nurses reporting more claims and complaints advised to check their indemnity arrangements

5 January 2017

The MDU is providing advice and support to more nurse practitioner members than ever before.

Doctors on computers
New guidance on e-Portfolio reflective notes

21 November 2016

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has released guidance for trainee doctors entering reflective notes into their e-Portfolios.

Red roses
Dealing with Valentine's Day advances

10 February 2016

You probably wouldn't associate passionate feelings with your medical practice, but sometimes patients can misinterpret their doctor's professional's behaviour and try to move a purely professional relationship to a romantic one.

guide to raising concerns
New obligation for healthcare professionals to report FGM

30 October 2015

From 31 October 2015, healthcare professionals have a legal obligation to notify the police of suspected Female Genital Mutilation in under 18's.

Doctor comforting patient
GPs advised on avoiding missed cancer diagnoses

22 September 2015

GPs advised to be aware of NICE referral guidelines to avoid potential delays

disclosure to the police
The new criminal sanctions of wilful neglect or ill-treatment

9 April 2015

Criminal investigations of doctors and dentists may become more common following the introduction of the new criminal offence of wilful neglect or ill-treatment, the MDU warns.

Planning for a CQC inspection

13 January 2015

The Care Quality Commission's new approach to regulation, monitoring and inspection has led to some significant changes in the way it inspects general practices.

Anatomy of a claim
Anatomy of a claim

12 January 2012

Whether it arrives out of the blue or you have an inkling it’s on its way, receiving a claim for clinical negligence is not a pleasant experience.