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We share some fictitious medico-legal examples inspired by real cases...

Jack o
Halloween hazards can lead to complaints

15 October 2021

We share some fictitious medico-legal examples inspired by real cases...

Vial of botulinum toxin being prepared for injection
Change in law on botulinum toxin and cosmetic fillers for under 18s

14 October 2021

Fillers and Botox cannot be administered to under 18s for cosmetic reasons in England.

Racks of blood tubes
Managing patient demand for blood tests during shortages

6 September 2021

The importance of documenting decisions to defer non-urgent tests.

Key in filing cabinet
Updated guidance on medical records management

23 August 2021

New guidance on records management and retention periods in England has been published.

Medal against grey background
Double royal recognition for MDU employee training programmes

23 August 2021

The excellence of the Medical Defence Union’s training for its membership and medico-legal team has been recognised by HRH the Princess Royal.

Pregnant woman showing vaccination on arm
COVID-19 vaccinations and pregnancy

20 August 2021

Looking into recent information and advice available on pregnant women being offered a COVID vaccine.

Doctor using remote video link
What to do if you need to attend a remote hearing

13 August 2021

Remote hearings, meetings and interviews are becoming more common post-pandemic. Our top tips will help you to prepare and present yourself properly.

Illustration of padlocks on digital background
How to handle a data breach of confidential patient information

11 August 2021

Data security incidents in healthcare have increased, so it's important to know what action to take to address any loss of confidential information.

Discarded mask in bin
Dealing with patients who decline to wear a face covering

3 August 2021

There may be a small number of patients who will not follow government guidance on face coverings in NHS settings.