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When you're the most junior member of a team it's good to know how you can slot in seamlessly. Watch our webinar and get tips on preparing for practice.

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Dealing with challenging consultations / Misconduct or misunderstood?

26 April 2021

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear about the medico-legal implications of dealing with challenging consultations and understanding misconduct in the workplace.

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Managing complaints

19 April 2021

Learn more about complaints handling, what to do when you receive a complaint, the ombudsman’s view and tips on reaching a resolution.

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Decision making and consent: new guidance from the GMC

23 March 2021

Find out more about the latest GMC guidance. Includes how the law has changed and how to apply the seven principles of decision making and consent into practice.

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Introduction to confidentiality webinar

12 March 2021

Situations may arise where your duty of confidentiality needs to be carefully considered. Find out more about your responsibilities and when to seek our advice.

dealing with the media
Dealing with the media

1 March 2021

What to do if the press come knocking at the surgery door. Dawn Boyall, media relations manager, advises.

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Remote consultations - perspectives from practitioners

13 November 2020

Remote consultations are not new but many doctors find themselves relying on them more.

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The GMC’s updated guidance on consent

9 November 2020

Medico-legal adviser Dr Udvitha Nandasoma explores the key takeaways from the updated consent guidance in this short video.

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Remote consultations webinar

27 October 2020

We take you through the latest guidance, offer practical tips on delivering safe and effective remote consultations and discuss medico-legal considerations.

Your coronavirus questions: 11 June

11 June 2020

Dr Jerard Ross discusses the most common questions you've been contacting us about.