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Medico-legal helpline

0800 716 646


The advice in this section is for general guidance only.

If you need more specific advice you can call one of our medico-legal advisers on 0800 716 646. They are available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and provide an on-call service for medico-legal emergencies or urgent queries 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Alternatively you can fill out our form and an adviser will respond.

Popular resources about Confidentiality

  • Medico-legal guide to confidentiality

    Confidentiality is essential to the bond of trust between doctor and patient, and may only be broken in exceptional circumstances. This guide explains the ethical and legal principles of confidentiality.

  • Disclosing records to family members

    A distressed father requests access to his daughter's medical records after her suicide, but the records show a termination that she specifically asked no one should be told about. The practice manager calls us for advice.

  • Confidentiality and the police (General Practice)
    Confidentiality and the police

    In general, the police have no more right to patient information than anyone else, but there are times when you should disclose details. Dr Sally Old explains.

  • Confidentiality and court cases involving children
    Painted hands

    Discussing or publishing information you learn during a court case involving children may attract a charge of contempt of court, and possibly a GMC hearing. This can also apply to using the information in peer review or reflective learning on child safeguarding.

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