Do you feel like you're paying too much to your medical defence organisation? Especially as you're not doing any private work and very little fee-paying non-clinical work?

As a consultant or hospital doctor not currently in a training post who works only in a public hospital, where all your clinical practice is indemnified by the State Claims Agency, you may think that state indemnity is enough. But the state scheme only provides indemnity for clinical negligence claims.

You need the expert guidance that MDU membership provides, such as support with patient complaints, Medical Council referrals, inquests, disciplinary hearings and criminal investigations.

Our new membership could be for you. It is designed for consultants and hospital doctors not currently in training posts who don't do any private clinical work and do not earn more than €1,500 gross from certain non-clinical work, listed below. It does not include indemnity for clinical negligence claims.

What our membership provides

  • Tick 24-hour access to our team of experienced medico-legal advisers
  • Tick Support with Medical Council investigations
  • Tick Indemnity for certain fee paying non-clinical work not covered by state indemnity for earnings up to €1,500 gross per year (detailed below)
  • Tick Representation at disciplinary investigations that relate to professional conduct
  • Tick Help preparing responses to complaints
  • Tick Assistance with criminal investigations arising from clinical practice
  • Tick Representation at the coroner’s court
  • Tick 24-hour access to press and media helpline
  • Tick Indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Indemnity for the following non-clinical work for earnings up to €1,500 gross per year

  • Tick Provision of medical reports
  • Tick Provision of witness statements for the Garda
  • Tick Provision of reports to the coroner
  • Tick Safeguarding work (adults and children)
  • Tick Assessment of testamentary capacity
  • Tick Signing death notification forms and cremation forms (including pacemaker removal)
  • Tick Academic, research and lecturing activities including the supervision of students and doctors in training
  • Tick Clinical and non-clinical audit
  • Tick Acting as an examiner for a Royal College or Faculty
  • Tick Medical assessor for the Medical Council
  • Tick Reports to the Mental Health Commission

Why you should choose the MDU



We offer our members expert guidance and personal support in addressing medico-legal issues and complaints.



99% of calls to the MDU medico-legal helpline are connected straight to a medico-legal adviser during normal working hours.



Robust defence by medical experts and lawyers at Medical Council hearings.

Two steps to becoming a member

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Republic of Ireland member guide

Republic of Ireland member guide

Find out more about the benefits of MDU membership in the Republic of Ireland.

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Joined before 1 January 2021?

Joined before 1 January 2021?

Your membership may be different. Find out more.                                                                                                                         

Membership information
My earnings from non-clinical work are more than €1,500. Can I still apply?

No. This type of membership is only appropriate for consultants whose annual income for non-clinical work is not more than €1,500 gross per year.

Do you provide indemnity for clinical work?

No. Membership only provides access to indemnity for a defined list of non-clinical work. It does not include indemnity for clinical negligence.

If you do clinical work that is not covered by state indemnity, this type of membership is not appropriate for you.

I do non-clinical work which is not on your list. Can I still apply?

Yes, providing your income will not exceed €1,500 gross per year. We will review the details provided on the application form and advise you further.

I am already a member of the MDU. Can I change my membership to the new membership?

Yes, but only if all of your clinical work is covered by state indemnity and your income from non-clinical work is not more than €1,500 gross per year.

The subscription for the new membership will include the right to continue to request assistance with new matters arising from incidents that occurred in your previous claims made period of membership.

If you leave the MDU, you may need to pay for an extended reporting period so you can continue to notify us about incidents from your previous claims made membership. 

You should also be aware that your current type of membership is closed to new members. You will not be able to go back to it in the future. 

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