When you need defending, we’re on your side

Successfully manage medico-legal challenges and get the expert guidance you need to practise with confidence. Consult our advisory helpline day or night on complex areas like consent and capacity.

Make sure you’re prepared for the challenges ahead. Organise free on-site medico-legal training for you and your team, including attendance certificates for revalidation purposes.

Our members can also earn free online CPD and book useful courses on preparing for your first consultant role and setting up in independent practice. When you need support, we’re here for you.

Why you should choose the MDU

What are the benefits?

  • Robust defence of your professional reputation if you face a GMC, trust or disciplinary hearing.
  • Professional medical indemnity that meets GMC requirements, pays your legal costs and compensates patients if you face a claim.
  • Round-the-clock press office support if you’re involved in high profile cases.
  • Evidence for revalidation with MDU courses, webinars and online learning.
  • Free consultant guide to help you with common challenges faced by doctors new to the role.
  • Stay up to date with case studies, ethical dilemmas and the MDU journal.

Member story

Professor Bill Ribbans contacted the MDU after receiving a letter from solicitors representing a previous patient.

The patient was considering taking legal action, as they were unhappy with their treatment. The complexity of the case required specific medical expertise to resolve. The MDU is run by doctors for doctors and provides 24-hour advice from award-winning medico-legal advisers.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate my gross and net annual income?

By gross income, we mean your annual pre-tax earnings from any non-indemnified medical work you do, whether or not you receive any or all of this.

Before calculating your subscription, we allow you to deduct reasonable practice expenses - up to 50% of the gross figure.

Your net income is your annual gross income minus these reasonable practice expenses.

Allowable expenses are the same as those declared in your tax return. They are expenses which are wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred for the purpose of clinical practice, such as professional fees (eg GMC, MDU subscription), premises costs, payroll costs, etc.