Ethics in general practice


Medical ethics involves the application of a moral code to the practice of medicine. By their very nature ethical dilemmas can be difficult to navigate. GPSTs often find it hard to submit relevant evidence for their ePortfolio. This is where the MDU can help. 

Our Ethics in general practice e-learning course has been designed specifically for GP trainees. It's interactive and gives you the tools you need to assess ethical dilemmas, create a plan of action and be confident in explaining your decisions. You'll leave to use a framework to assess complex ethical cases in practice so that you can be confident in your decisions. 


  1. Making sense of ethics in general practice, introducing the CoRE-Values compass and framework
  2. Consent and capacity, including how to assess, and vulnerable patients
  3. Confidentiality, including disclosure and breaches of confidentiality
  4. Ensuring patient safety and quality of care, including managing risk, dealing with complaints and significant event analysis
  5. End of life care, including different care pathways and dealing with DNAR requests
  6. Assessment

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