Medicine on Track

Career planning for foundation doctors

Written by Dr Caroline Elton

Starting your foundation training can seem like an overwhelming time in your career. As you take on new responsibilities, it's natural to focus on the present and worry about the future later.  

But to keep your career on track, you need to make sure you're ready for what comes next.  

Medicine on Track is designed to help you prepare for specialty recruitment by breaking down your career planning into small, manageable steps. 

From the first few weeks to thinking about tasters, from polishing your application to perfecting your interview, Medicine on Track will guide and support you on the road to your ideal medical career.

How it works

There are 18 modules to work through across the two years of your foundation programme, scheduled to coincide with key dates in your rotations.

The modules contain a wide range of learning resources and information, including:

  • evidence-based activities and tasks that draw on current medical education literature
  • practical and relevant careers advice and useful tips
  • checklists and action points to help you track your progress.

We'll send an email to foundation year members when each module is released. Just log in with your MDU number to access the latest instalment of Medicine on Track.

By the end of the programme, we hope that you'll have developed the skills and knowledge needed to make an informed choice about the direction you want your career to take - and have maximised the chance of your choice being successful.

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Foundation Year 1

Getting started and understanding your options


Foundation Year 2

Making decisions and taking action