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The first year's modules for Medicine on Track will explore everything from how to successfully manage your first few months as a doctor, how you make decisions, using tasters to find out about specialty options, building your portfolio and preparing for sign-off from FY1.

Foundation Year 1

To wrap up Medicine on Track for this year, we'll look back at the work we've done in self-assessment and career exploration - the first two stages in our four-part approach to career planning.

Reviewing tasters and preparing for sign-off

5 June 2019

As the end of your FY1 approaches, it's time to look back at what we've already covered in Medicine on Track and think about how you can apply it next year.

Shopping trolley
Longlisting options and building your portfolio

24 April 2019

Now it's time to start translating that learning into the very beginnings of a list – admittedly a longlist – of specialty choices which you intend to explore in the future.

Modern suit
Starting to explore options

18 March 2019

We now need to move onto Stage Two of the four stage approach to career planning: career exploration.

Next steps in self-assessment

17 February 2019

In this module we will investigate two more self-assessment activities that examine your skills and interests, as well as explore how you respond to certain environmental factors.

1.4: Preliminary self-assessment tasks

11 January 2019

Self-assessment is the bedrock of making a solid career decision. Spend a decent amount of time on your self-assessment

vol au vents
1.3: Taking a nibble - thinking about tasters

19 November 2018

When you've experienced so few specialties, how can you start to narrow down your specialty choice? What if your preferred specialty rotation is scheduled at the end of FY2, after the application deadline?

Acropolis, Greece
1.2: Comparing clinical and career decisions

17 October 2018

Working as a doctor means you’ll quickly get used to making clinical decisions. Interestingly, the framework you use to make them can also be used for making important choices about your career.

Sand dunes
1.1: Getting started and surviving the first month

10 October 2018

At last, the day you have been preparing for since starting medical school has arrived - you're finally working as a doctor!