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The second year's modules for Medicine on Track cover how to navigate the specialty application process, identifying a plan B and considering alternative options, making the most of mentors, and much more. We'll also look at completing your portfolio, organising your final sign-off and preparing for the next stage of your career.

Foundation Year 2

You're now ready to embark on the next step of your career development. But before you do, let's take one last look over the past two years to see what you've learnt about yourself and how you make career decisions.

Final tasks before sign-off

4 June 2019

As your F2 year draws to a close, now is a good time to deal with any outstanding matters that need completing.

Next stages, exams and mentors

24 April 2019

As you embark on the final rotation of FY2, you're well and truly into the final furlong of your foundation programme. We'll now turn our attention towards the next stages of your medical career.

Back to your portfolio

18 March 2019

With so much of your energy focused on what lies beyond the foundation programme, it's easy to forget that you still need to complete FY2!

Diving board
Commitment issues - final decisions and other options

17 February 2019

In terms of your training's next steps, by this point you'll be dealing with the issue of making your final decision.

Crystal ball
2.4: Polishing your interview skills - how to wow with your presentation

11 January 2019

By now you should have reflected on what you want from your medical career and identified a specialty you want to pursue. You've invested some time into making sure your application form and portfolio are as good as they can be.

leading role
2.3: Getting ready for specialty recruitment

19 November 2018

By now, you're probably well into the specialty application process. The reflection and exploration you've carried out is coming to fruition as you put all your energies into making your application as strong as possible.

Hammer and nail
2.2: Perfecting your application form and identifying your plan B

17 October 2018

When planning your career, self-assessment and career exploration are essential. So is your ability to make a sound decision. But if you're unable to then implement that career plan, the previous steps are pointless.

2.1: Approaching crunch time

30 August 2018

You're now moving closer to the point when you will have to make some important decisions about the next stage of your medical training.