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How it works

Medicine on Track breaks down the overall task of career planning into small chunks. There are several modules to work through across the whole two years of your foundation programme to coincide with key dates in your rotations.

The modules contain a wide range of learning resources and information, including:

  • evidence-based activities and tasks that draw on current medical education literature
  • practical and relevant careers advice and useful tips
  • checklists and action points to help you track your progress
  • plus there will be additional support, such as webinars during the programme.

At the start of each module, you'll receive an email, after which you can login to the MDU website and access the latest instalment of Medicine on Track.

By the end of the programme, we hope that you will have developed the skills and knowledge to make an informed career choice about the direction you want your career to take, and maximised the chance of your choice being successful.


Dr Caroline Elton?mw=100

Dr Caroline Elton

Dr Caroline Elton is a chartered psychologist with dual registration in occupational and counselling psychology. She combines rigorous academic training (undergraduate degree at Oxford University; Ph.D from the Department of Academic Psychiatry, University College London School of Medicine), with an empathic and insightful approach to the provision of careers support. She runs Career Planning for Doctors and Dentists and is also an advice columnist on medical career matters for the BMJ.

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