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NHS England winter indemnity scheme applications

NHS England is repeating the Winter Indemnity Scheme this year to meet the costs of indemnifying any additional out of hours (OOH) work carried out by GPs this winter. 

The scheme operates between 1 October 2017 and 2 April 2018. Funded indemnity is only available for additional OOH sessions performed between these dates. 

You should have agreement from your OOH provider to apply for additional OOH sessions under this scheme.

The scheme doesn't operate retrospectively and you must apply for additional OOH indemnity before any work is carried out. If you've done any additional OOH sessions (beyond those already notified to us) before submitting an application to the scheme, contact us to adjust your membership records and make payment if needed.

For frequently asked questions, visit the NHS England website.

Scope of the 2017 Scheme

Indemnity for additional OOH sessions paid for by the Winter Indemnity Scheme is available to current MDU GP members who successfully apply using our application form.

Additional funded sessions for an OOH provider are not available where other sessions for that provider are indemnified elsewhere (either by the provider or through another indemnifier).

OOH sessions added by members to their MDU membership record before the start date of the scheme, or not via the dedicated application form, will not be paid for by the scheme.

Eligible sessions that can be funded under this scheme

Eligible sessions are defined as additional 'OOH' or 'unscheduled care' sessions.

This includes sessions undertaken for unscheduled care service providers at any time of the day, providing care to patients not registered with the provider, accessing services where clinicians typically do not have full access to each patient's routine clinical records, and sessions for NHS 111. 

How to apply to the scheme

If you're an MDU member and eligible to add OOH sessions funded by Winter Indemnity Scheme 2017, please complete our application form to apply to add OOH sessions to your membership record.

When you submit your application form, you can work the requested sessions pending our confirmation that your application has been accepted, as long as we have not previously declined to indemnify any aspects of your GP work.

If we have previously declined to indemnify aspects of your work, wait for our confirmation before you start the requested sessions.

Recording sessions in the scheme

To confirm the additional sessions indemnified under the scheme we need you to keep a record. Please use our log to record the sessions you work and at the end of the scheme we will ask you for a copy. This is a requirement of scheme participation.

If you want to change the number of OOH sessions submitted, or you intend to work for other providers than those already notified to us, you will need to complete another application form. Your new application, once accepted, will replace your initial application.

By submitting an application form you confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this scheme.

Is this your first application to the Winter Indemnity Scheme 2017, or an update to a previously submitted application?
This is

*Please state the total number of additional OOH sessions to be worked. This will replace your previous application(s).
Your details
OOH provider details - 1 October 2017 - 2 April 2018

Please state the total number of additional OOH sessions to be worked between 1 October 2017 and 2 April 2018 below. The sessions requested should not exceed six sessions on average per week over the duration of the scheme.
If the provider(s), or number of sessions, changes after you have submitted this form, you will need to submit a new form. New forms must contain the details of all the providers and sessions you have agreed to, not just additional or amended work.

The total number of sessions across all providers cannot be more than 152.

**An MDU session is defined as a period of time ‘up to four hours’ in length. E.g. A six hour clinic should be recorded as two sessions.

Your declaration
Read the terms and conditions here*

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