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Critical issues

Critical issues 1

Claims inflation has been rising 10% year on year - faster than wage, house or retail price inflation.

Critical issues 2

The NHS litigation authorities' liabilities for known and future claims were estimated at £56.4 billion on 31 March 2016 - a cost of £2,217 per English taxpayer.

Critical issues 3

MDU experience is that claims costs double every seven years. So a claim that costs £9 million today is likely cost over £18 million in 2023.

Claims inflation UK vs US

Damages awards in England are higher than most countries in the world, including many US states.

Future claims liabilities

Future claims liabilities

NHS treatment compensation

NHS treatment compensation

The percentage amount of survey respondents who thought the NHS' multibillion liabilities were higher than expected.

Other countries, including the USA and Australia, have experienced similar uncontrollable rises. In some US states, doctors ceased to practise because they could not afford indemnity cover.

These countries addressed the problem with law reform, which is the solution the Medical Defence Union proposes for England.

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