Here to guide, support and defend you throughout your career

Have you thought what it would be like if a complaint was made about you to the GMC? Or if a patient sued you for clinical negligence? What would you do if your career was at risk?

As well as providing professional indemnity, we're with you every step of the way with guidance, support and representation. Now more than ever, it's important that you can practise with confidence, knowing that you're backed by a team of medico-legal advisers.

Run by doctors for doctors, we have more than 135 years' experience of successfully defending our members' professional reputations.

Why you should choose the MDU


The benefits of mutuality

Our expert team of doctors, lawyers and claims handlers are on hand to provide support when you need it.

Founded in 1885, we are proud of our heritage yet always looking forward and shaping our products and services to meet the changing needs of the profession.

What are the benefits?

  • 24-hour medico-legal helpline.
  • Risk management guides, journals, videos, podcasts and webinars.
  • Free online CPD and member discounts on courses and books.
  • Help preparing responses to patient complaints.
  • Professional medical indemnity for claims.
  • Indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide.
  • Support preparing a case and representation in a coroner’s court/FAI.
  • Help to prepare your case for a disciplinary hearing.
  • Support during GMC fitness to practise investigations.
  • Representations at Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service tribunals.
  • Support with appeals by GMC/PSA to the high court due to MPTS tribunal decisions.
  • Round-the-clock media advice.

Becoming a member

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Request a quote first to find out how much your subscription will be. Within a few working days, we’ll email you an application pack, including your quote.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I discuss my membership face to face?

Our team of MDU representatives are based throughout the UK. To find your local liaison manager click here.

Why should I choose the MDU for my indemnity?

The MDU is the leading medical defence organisation (MDO) in the UK, and more doctors choose us for their indemnity than any other body. We were the first MDO, and have been guiding, supporting and defending doctors since 1885.

We are a not-for-profit organisation wholly dedicated to our members’ interests, and our team is led and staffed by doctors with real-life experience of the pressures and challenges faced in practice. Our members practise with confidence because they know the MDU is on their side and by their side at all times.

What are the benefits of being an MDU member?

We offer a wide range of memberships for different clinical roles, from medical students through to GPs, consultants and specialists.

The benefits and discounts we offer depend on your role, but membership includes access to professional medical indemnity and expert medico-legal advice to guide, support and defend you throughout your career.

Visit our Join pages to see the benefits appropriate to your own role.

How long is membership for?

Membership is provided on an annual basis only. 

How can I join?

If you’d like to apply for membership, you can request a quote to find out how much your subscription will be. Once you’re happy to proceed with your quote, complete and return an application form.

Alternatively, you can just apply and we’ll give you a quote as part of the application process.

Visit the Apply page of our website and choose the role that’s most appropriate for you.

How much does membership cost?

The cost of membership varies depending on the type of work you do.

The easiest way to find out how much your membership will be is to get a quote online. Or you can phone our membership team on 0800 716 376.

Can I join for less than a year?

No. Membership is offered on an annual basis only. If the amount or type of work you do changes during the year, it’s important to remember your subscription may change too.

Will you indemnify me for volunteer work overseas and Good Samaritan acts?

If you’re planning to work overseas, you’ll need to let our membership team know before you go.

Paying members in deanery-approved training posts in the UK can ask us to extend their membership to include working in a recognised supervised training post overseas for up to one year.

This doesn’t apply to the USA, Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Israel, Hong Kong, Nigeria or Zimbabwe, and wouldn’t extend to clinical work in a private or unsupervised capacity overseas.

Other members working overseas can ask for assistance or indemnity during a visit of less than three months, as long as the work is mainly of a teaching nature and you have our agreement before you go.

All members can receive professional indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide.

If I get in touch for advice about a complaint or claim, will my subscription change?

No. Calling our advice line - for whatever reason - is completely free, confidential and won’t affect your subscription.

One of our core services is to provide expert medico-legal advice to members whenever they need it, and we answer almost 30,000 calls from members to our advice-line every year. If you need help with managing or avoiding a problem, or guidance on what to do if something has gone wrong, we’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What happens if my work changes?

To make sure you are correctly indemnified, please call our membership team on 0800 716 376 or email to tell us before your circumstances change.