Support and guidance for working in the UK

Whether you're preparing to come to the UK or adapting to life in the NHS, there's a lot to navigate as an international medical graduate. 

Find the resources you need here and learn how the MDU can support you with indemnity and medico-legal guidance throughout your career. 

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Support and advice for IMGs

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Before coming to the UK

What you need to know about joining the NHS as an international medical graduate.

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Working in the UK

Tips on navigating medico-legal issues in your new role throughout your career in the UK.

What is indemnity?

What is indemnity?

Indemnity provides financial support for doctors and other professionals sued for clinical negligence. It includes legal defence costs and patient compensation if needed.

The NHS typically provides indemnity for the doctors it employs, meaning it also handles any claims made against them. Private practice doctors must ensure they have sufficient indemnity or insurance for their work.

But NHS indemnity has limits

And you might need additional support for medico-legal issues, which is where we can help. We offer help and guidance with complaints, coroners' inquests, fatal accident inquiries, GMC investigations and much more.

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Why do I need a defence organisation?

Why do I need a defence organisation?

A medical defence organisation (MDO) offers indemnity and expert guidance and support when your clinical competence or patient care is questioned, which NHS indemnity does not provide.

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As a member, you can contact us any time for help with ethical or medico-legal issues. Our team of doctors and lawyers are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, with a 24-hour advice line for emergencies.

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