with the Synap revision platform

Ever found yourself frantically revising the night before an exam, vowing never to leave it to the last minute again, only to find yourself doing the same next time around?

Synap is an intelligent revision platform which uses content from Oxford University Press and spaced repetition software to identify knowledge gaps and create a personalised study plan. For the foundation doctor Synap offer, see here

Working with your brain, rather than against it, is the key to study and revision success."

Dr James Gupta, co-founder & Synap CEO

Access over 3,000 MCQs

Oxford University Press titles, powered by Synap

Access over 3,000 MCQs

We've partnered with Synap to provide MDU student members access to this intuitive platform. Practice thousands of questions from the Oxford Assess and Progress series.

MDU student members can:

  • Access a free chapter from each title in the series.
  • Pick a free title from the series for each year of study (12 month access).
  • Purchase the series from Synap at an MDU exclusive rate of £15 per year.

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