Indemnity, advice and support for corporate risk

Providing clinical services? If something goes wrong, your limited company could face legal action as a separate entity, as well as or instead of individual clinicians. Our corporate membership solutions offer medico-legal guidance if your company is held liable for a range of concerns, including:

•   failure to properly investigate complaints or patient safety concerns
•   poor performance or conduct of individual staff and sub-contractors
•   inadequate practice systems and procedures
•   poor quality training and lack of regular staff assessment.


Why you need corporate membership

We offer a variety of corporate indemnity solutions to ensure comprehensive protection for your organisation – including expert medico-legal guidance and support, representation and a personal account manager.

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Which solution is right for you?

Advisory membership

If you provide services via state-backed indemnity with access to CNSGP or CNST for clinical malpractice claims, we can offer support with expert medico-legal advice and other matters, such as complaints and risk management guidance.

Indemnity membership

If your company provides services that aren’t covered by state-backed indemnity, we offer comprehensive indemnity protection against clinical malpractice claims, alongside access to medico-legal and advisory support 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Bespoke solution

We also provide bespoke solutions for your whole team, including group indemnity for your clinicians and allied healthcare professionals.

Corporate product guide

For full information about our corporate product.

Benefits of corporate membership

  • We’re the market-leading provider of medical indemnity in the UK, so you already know your organisation's in safe hands with the MDU on your side. There’s much more to our membership than just indemnity. Here’s what else MDU corporate members can take advantage of:

Access to medico-legal advice

All corporate members have round-the-clock access to our expert team of doctors, lawyers and claims advisers, giving you and your company a medico-legal safety net when you need it. Learn more about our medico-legal support offering.

24/7 employment law advice

Our employment advice line can provide essential guidance on employment related questions, especially when you’re starting out as a business and includes telephone coaching on managing difficult employee relations. Learn more about the employment law and health and safety helpline.

Employment assistance program

Your staff can talk to a trained counsellor about stress, anxiety, financial, family and relationship issues. Supporting staff wellbeing is also highly regarded by regulatory organisations like the CQC. Learn more about our health and wellbeing support.

Personal liaison manager

Your personal account manager can help you with all aspects of your MDU corporate membership and be on hand to guide you through challenging times.

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Frequently asked questions

Which organisations could benefit from corporate membership

Our corporate membership team regularly works with the following types of organisation:

  • Private GP companies
  • Incorporated PCNs
  • Secondary care services
  • Dental services
  • Physiotherapists
  • MSK services
  • Psychology services
  • Occupational health services
  • Lifestyle medicine services
Does corporate membership replace individual membership?

No, corporate membership sits alongside individual indemnity and supports you if there is a complaint or claim against the company. All clinicians must still hold appropriate individual indemnity for their work for your company. 

Corporate membership can also provide vicarious indemnity for nurses and admin staff, or those who you employ but do not have their own individual arrangements.

Do I get discounts for my individual staff?

If you’re an MDU corporate member, we can design bespoke indemnity schemes for your individual staff, which can also provide cost benefits.

Do I need this if I have NHS indemnity?

If your contracts are included under NHS indemnity (CNSGP or CNST), you still need to be able to access medico-legal advice and support if a complaint or claim arises. This is not available via NHS schemes. For this, we provide a corporate advisory solution, which excludes indemnity.

Find out more about indemnity here.

What are the sorts of things that could lead to a corporate claim?

A company can be sued when there have been failures in clinical service provision that have led to harm to a patient, such as:

  • a protocol wasn't sufficiently robust, leading to steps in treatment being missed
  • a patient wasn't appropriately monitored for a long-term condition
  • a result has been filed without being followed up, leading to a delay in diagnosis.

Our dedicated personal account manager is responsive, approachable, professional, utterly delightful to deal with and has taken great care to understand our business; she has then worked with us and her colleagues to deliver a solution to suit our needs. All interactions have set the foundations for a great business relationship and have inspired confidence in the service and support provided by the MDU. I have no hesitation in recommending them to our GPs and other contacts.”

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