I'm being sued

Being sued - The MDU
  1. Get advice before writing to the patient's solicitors.
  2. Is this claim indemnified by the MDU? If clinical care took place in NHS general practice in England and Wales before 1 April 2019 (or any date in Scotland and Northern Ireland, or in private practice), notify the MDU.*
  3. If the claim is indemnified by the MDU, contact us on 0800 716 646. We will advise on next steps.
  4. Send us the notes and other documents we ask for straight away.
  5. Read or download our guide to the clinical negligence procedure.

*NHS GP claims in England or Wales, where the clinical care took place after 1 April 2019, should be reported to the Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs (CNSGP) (England) or the General Medical Practice Indemnity Scheme (GMPI) (Wales). You can contact us for advice around the claims process.