Hospital-based seminars

Hospital based seminars

We offer free hospital-based seminars on hot topics in secondary care that address the training needs of all hospital doctors. Our liaison managers can deliver these sessions at departmental meetings, audit meetings, grand rounds and clinical governance meetings. 

Seminars are open to members and non members. An attendance certificate is provided.

Encouraging candour, openness and honesty

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Get an overview of the professional duty of candour and the statutory duty of candour, how the duties differ, your obligations, and when each duty may be engaged.

How GMC investigations work

Length: Up to 60 minutes

 Gives an overview of complaints to the GMC, what happens when a doctor fails to meet professional standards, and how the MDU supports members throughout.

The importance of chaperones

Length: Up to 60 minutes

 Gives guidance on the role and use of chaperones and uses case studies to show how GMC guidance applies in practice.

Avoiding prescribing and medication errors

Length:  Up to 60 minutes

Looks at MDU data on claims relating to these errors, GMC guidance, shared care prescribing, and the perils of doctors’ self-prescribing.

Considering mental capacity

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Focuses on factors that might influence capacity, assessment of capacity, and mechanisms to protect those without it.

Dealing with challenging consultations

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Covers factors that can contribute to difficult situations and puts forward strategies for working with patients towards an appropriate solution.

Good record keeping

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Looks at some common pitfalls and ways to preserve the integrity of your records so you're not vulnerable to criticism in the event of a complaint or claim.

Learning from cautionary tales

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Hear case scenarios based on members’ real-life experience and how the MDU is here to help in that hour of need. 

Maintaining patient trust and considering confidentiality

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Situations may arise where your duty of confidentiality needs to be carefully considered. Find out more about your responsibilities and when to seek MDU advice.

Medico-legal update

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Focuses on topics including consent after Montgomery, legislation relating to FGM, the implications of GDPR in clinical practice, and the duty of candour.

Preventing and managing complaints

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Looks at the common causes of complaints, relevant law and guidance, techniques to reduce your exposure to complaints, and how to deal with them when they happen.

Seeking valid consent

Length: Up to 60 minutes

We think of consent in the context of surgery or major medical interventions but it underpins even the most routine interactions. Look at the challenges in this complex area.

Treating children and young people

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Focuses on parental rights and responsibilities, consent and confidentiality considerations when treating young patients, safeguarding and child protection procedures.

Understanding coroner's investigations

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Get an introduction to coroner's investigations, advice on preparing a report for the coroner, and what to expect if you have to attend an inquest.

Understanding information governance and GDPR

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Get an overview of information governance and GDPR principles, and specifics such as disclosing records of children, fitness to drive, and police requests for information.

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