Hospital-based seminars

Hospital seminars

The hospital liaison manager is available to present these seminars locally in your hospital at your audit, journal club, MDT, clinical governance, grand round meetings and any other teaching sessions. One seminar is delivered at each visit to a minimum of eight attendees. There is no charge for these seminars and they are open to both members and non members.


Length: 45 minutes

This seminar provides information to all hospital staff about the role of a chaperone, including who can be a chaperone and how it works. The presenter will also cover the confidentiality issues you should be aware of when chaperoning, relevant GMC guidance and advice on consent and confidentiality.

Communicating bad news

Length: 30 minutes

This seminar guides clinical staff through how to prepare and communicate bad news to patients and families. It includes tips on planning the consultation, appropriate language, asking questions and summarising.

Coroner investigations

Length: 45 minutes

This seminar outlines some of the processes and procedures involved in coroner investigations. It includes suggestions on how you should approach report writing and giving evidence and includes an insight into the likely outcomes of the hearing.

Dealing with challenging patients

Length: 45 minutes

This seminar considers ways of anticipating difficult or violent situations, diffusing them before they arise, and the options available if violence occurs. The importance of preventive measures is also covered.

Duty of candour

Length: 45 minutes

Using case scenarios, this seminar covers the reaction to clinical events when things go wrong, ethical, legal and contractual responsibilities and government plans for the future.

End of life care

Length: 45 minutes

A look at the ethical issues when dealing with patients approaching the end of their life, including an overview of the major issues.

GMC fitness to practise

Length: 45 minutes

This seminar contains an in-depth analysis of GMC complaints notified to the MDU by members. We look at the types of complaints, the reasons for them and the GMC fitness to practise procedures for dealing with complaints.

Good record keeping

Length: 45 minutes

A look at one of the most crucial areas of risk management: record keeping. Here we examine the common faults in records and suggest ways to ensure records are sufficiently robust should a complaint or claim occur.

Handling complaints

Length: 45 minutes

Complaints are unfortunately a fact of medical life. In this seminar we look at how to deal with complaints when they happen and the lessons that can be learnt.

Managing the media

Length: 45 minutes

This seminar covers dealing with the media: what the MDU Press Office can do to help, confidentiality and the GMC's ethical guidance and what to do if journalists or photographers try to take your photograph.

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