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Doctors upset by online ratings, given advice by MDU

14 February 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has issued advice to the increasing number of doctors distressed by negative reviews on online ratings sites.

MDU offers advice for GPs with health problems as new service launches

30 January 2017

With today’s announcement by NHS England of the launch of a free, confidential mental health service for GPs, the MDU has issued advice for GPs suffering from stress or burnout.

Caps on legal fees long overdue, says MDU

30 January 2017

Responding to today’s announcement by the Department of Health of its proposals to impose fixed limits on the fees charged by lawyers in lower value medical negligence claims, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said that the proposed reforms, while welcome, will not go far enough to make a meaningful difference to the overall burden of clinical negligence litigation on the NHS.

Keep it confidential MDU reminds doctors as GMC guidance published

25 January 2017

Queries about confidentiality are one of the top reasons for doctors to call the Medical Defence Union (MDU), the UK's leading medical defence organisation revealed today, to coincide with the publication of the GMC's revised guidance on the subject.

MDU pays over £30 million in compensation for GP out-of-hours claims

23 January 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has paid out well over £30 million in compensation and legal costs on behalf of GP members working in out-of-hours and unscheduled care settings over a three year period.

MDU says discount rate drop could increase indemnity costs, pushing some GPs out of practice

9 January 2017

The MDU shares the widespread concern among personal injury defendants at the statement released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on 7 December.

Patients' gifts to doctors unwrapped by MDU

12 December 2016

Patients have given their doctors a diverse range of gifts in the last year to show their appreciation, ranging from fresh fish and eggs to poetry and underwear, according to a survey by leading medical defence organisation, the Medical Defence Union (MDU).

Doctors advised on dealing with 'intrusive' social media advances

5 December 2016

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) says that the availability of social media means doctors are more accessible to patients who want more than a professional relationship.

MDU welcomes GMC's recognition of intense pressure on doctors

27 October 2016

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) welcomes the GMC’s recognition of the intense pressure doctors are under and the measures it has taken to reduce the need for full scale investigations, to speed up the process and reduce the stress on those involved.

GPs can now apply for winter indemnity scheme

20 October 2016

MDU GP members undertaking additional out-of-hours (OOH) sessions over the peak winter period are able to apply to have their additional indemnity costs funded by NHS England again this season.

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