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Royal recognition for MDU’s training for medico-legal experts

16 August 2017

The excellence of the Medical Defence Union’s training for its medico-legal team has been recognised with a Princess Royal Training award.

MDU says only 15% of claims against doctors succeed

10 August 2017

An outdated and adversarial legal system is leading to doctors and patients having to endure considerable stress and anxiety caused by medical negligence claims, yet few succeed, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said today.

Proposals to cap legal costs do not go far enough – MDU

31 July 2017

Recommendations to establish a working party to examine fixing costs for clinical negligence claims valued at up to £25,000 do not go far enough to reduce the burden of litigation on the NHS, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said today.

Spiralling cost of claims means GPs can no longer afford professional indemnity, MDU says

14 July 2017

Nearly 9 out of 10 GPs (88%) of 879 responding to a survey on professional indemnity say they would like to see the NHS funding the cost of GP clinical negligence claims in future by introducing NHS indemnity for primary care, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) revealed today.

Snap happy doctors warned by MDU about dangers of image sharing

10 July 2017

Doctors who share clinical information over file sharing apps and websites may be breaching their ethical obligations, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) warned today.

Good Samaritan doctors given advice on avoiding risks by MDU

6 July 2017

Doctors who help out in an emergency while off-duty or on holiday are being advised to make a detailed record of the incident, to explain their actions to the patient, if possible and to have a chaperone if they can, for any physical examination.

One third of GPs responding to MDU survey say they will quit NHS over indemnity costs

25 June 2017

A third (32%) of 846 GPs responding to a survey on professional indemnity say they are considering leaving the profession or retiring because they cannot afford the increased cost, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) revealed today.

New research provides hope for improved support for surgeons involved in clinical errors, according to MDU

16 June 2017

Some surgeons can feel unprepared to deal with adverse events or know the best way to assist colleagues who have experienced a traumatic event, according to an article in the latest Medical Defence Union (MDU) journal.

Doctors in Scotland get legal protection when apologising, explains MDU

12 June 2017

Doctors in Scotland are being given legal protection when apologising to patients, the Medical Defence Union (MDU), explained today.

Newly qualified GPs may quit general practice over indemnity costs, MDU survey finds

1 June 2017

Initial results from an MDU survey of GPs about indemnity has revealed that even recently qualified GPs are thinking about a change of career because of the rising cost of indemnity.

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