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MDU signs up 17 GP federations in Northern Ireland

29 November 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU), the UK’s leading medical defence organisation, is providing corporate indemnity to all 17 GP federations in Northern Ireland.

MDU encourages LMCs to unite to ensure the proposed state indemnity scheme fully protects GPs

8 November 2017

The MDU has written to all LMC chairs to remind them of the steps it is taking to support GPs with the cost of indemnity.

Contraceptive complications cause complaints, MDU finds

6 November 2017

The most common reason for women being prescribed contraception to make a complaint or compensation claim against their doctor is the development of a recognised complication, such as a deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or infection.

MDU statement in response to Government addendum on GP indemnity

18 October 2017

MDU statement in response to Government addendum on GP indemnity

MDU announces 50% reduction in GP indemnity costs in anticipation of NHS indemnity introduction

12 October 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) will be reducing indemnity subscriptions for GPs and primary care staff working in England by around 50% ahead of anticipated government support with indemnity costs.

MDU asks GPs to put pressure on MPs to solve indemnity crisis

9 October 2017

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) is asking GPs to get behind its Save General Practice campaign by writing to their MP about the impact the indemnity crisis is having on the profession and patients.

GPs get advice from MDU on dealing with patients who miss appointments

4 October 2017

GPs are being given six steps to consider when patients fail to attend appointments, to help improve attendance and avoid medico-legal issues.

MDU welcomes winter indemnity support but presses for permanent solution to unaffordable costs

29 September 2017

For the third year running, MDU GP members undertaking additional out-of-hours sessions over the peak winter period can apply to have their indemnity costs funded by NHS England.

Compensation culture damaging patients' ability to access their GP, says MDU

14 September 2017

GPs are bombarded with ever more costly compensation claims, because of the current medico-legal climate.

MDU says discount rate proposals won't solve the problem of unaffordable GP indemnity costs

7 September 2017

The MDU gave a cautious welcome to proposals to reform the way the discount rate is calculated