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The prospect of being sued is enough to set your pulse racing. But as well as a claim, a single adverse incident can lead to patient complaints, GMC referrals, Ombudsman investigations, performers' list actions, coroners' inquests and even criminal investigations – all at the same time. 

If you're a GP in England and Wales you might be thinking that upcoming state indemnity will come to your aid if you are faced with a GMC investigation or an inquest. But you'd be mistaken.

Don't leave your career exposed by relying on state indemnity alone. As doctors ourselves, we know that even after the arrival of state indemnity you will still need the expert support and guidance that MDU membership provides. 

See how one incident could set in motion a whole series of investigations.

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GMC fitness to practise investigations
Indemnity for non-NHS work
Disciplinary investigations - representation
Patient complaints – preparing responses
Criminal investigations arising from clinical practice, e.g. gross negligence manslaughter
Coroner’s court representation
24-hour medico-legal advice line staffed by doctors
24-hour press and media helpline
Indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide
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