Your local liaison managers


Every MDU member has access to a dedicated liaison manager at every stage of their career. Locally based to you, they can provide you with educational support and 121 help with your MDU membership.

From face to face meetings to video and phone chat we’ll be here throughout your career to guide you through any areas of your MDU membership that you may need assistance with.

Hospital liaison managers

Our hospital liaison manager team are here to offer members a local point of contact. We’re available to deliver a wide range of free and interactive risk management seminars to you and your team in your hospital at a time most convenient to you.

Our consultant express appointment service is a highly regarded service by our members. We are available to meet one-to-one either face to face, over the phone or by video conference in order to discuss your existing membership. Here are a few things we can help you with:

  • Private practice planning
  • Deducting allowable expenses
  • Tailoring your indemnity to your specific working circumstances
  • Getting proof of membership for your employer
  • Free departmental training sessions here.

GP liaison managers

Our GP liaison managers are available to support GP practices with MDU membership queries. They are also a great resource if your practice is a GROUPCARE practice. Your local liaison manager can visit your practice and offer your team support with queries such as:

  • Setting up a GROUPCARE scheme
  • Membership applications
  • In-house training for both clinical and on-clinical staff
  • Quotations for GPs and other clinical staff
  • Additional indemnity requirements
  • Free departmental training sessions here.

Student and foundation liaison managers

Your school has a student and foundation liaison manager to help you with any enquiries about student membership benefits. They can also provide you with sponsorship for academic and social events.

If you would like to request sponsorship for an event please complete our sponsorship request form.