How we are doing

Our membership department has again achieved the Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE), a recognised independent benchmark of excellent service.

Also the quality of training for our medico-legal team has been awarded with a Princess Royal Training award.  We are delighted to be the first medical defence organisation to achieve this accolade.  

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Service performance

We want our members to receive a better level of service than they would receive elsewhere. To achieve this, our membership team sets stringent performance targets and regularly surveys members to see how our service is being received. The feedback we obtain guides improvements to our service.

Graph showing service standards over time in four key areas.

Member feedback

Graph showing how the MDU compares with other organisations.

Pie chart showing the percentage of members surveyed that are likely to or would definitely recommend the MDU.

Graph showing satisfaction with the services received.

Member comments

Here is a selection of some of the comments we received via our survey:

"Excellent service."

"Good experience overall."

"Query resolved quickly, thank you."

"Caller I spoke to was delightful to speak to, addressed my query appropriately and was very knowledgeable and had answers to all my questions. They were commendable and a great advocate for your company."

"Excellent service."

"Excellent customer service, keep it up. Thank you."

"Always very helpful and always solves any issues."

"During the course of my medical career I have had excellent service from you - I had a few complaints which you helped me deal with very efficiently and thoroughly."


Over the past 12 months, only 0.13% of all telephone, letter and email enquiries received by the Membership team resulted in a complaint.

Quality of service

When measuring quality, we take into account many factors such as:

  • being mindful of security when handling your personal data
  • the politeness and professionalism of our staff
  • the clarity and accuracy of the information we provide
  • the tone of our correspondence
  • the overall time it takes to handle your enquiry.