duty of candour
Duty of candour at a glance

4 August 2020

Your quick guide to the duty of candour.

Closeup of record button on device
Patients wanting to record consultations

3 April 2020

What should you do if a patient wants to record a consultation, overtly or covertly?

Remote consultations
Conducting remote consultations

27 March 2020

Some doctors have expressed concerns about the medico-legal risks and limitations of interacting with patients online, rather than during a traditional face-to-face consultation.

thumbs down
Dealing with online criticism

24 January 2020

What to do and how to respond when patients go online to criticise your practice.

Law books
Aspects of the clinical negligence legal process explained

15 January 2020

Your guide to understanding the processes and procedures of a claim once it is underway.

Lawyer with a client
Background to litigation

15 January 2020

Receiving a claim can be confusing, especially if you're unfamiliar with the procedures and terminology. Our guide will help you understand the litigation process.

Medico-legal guide to cllinical negligence - Notification of a claim - The MDU
Notification of a claim: what to send us

14 January 2020

If you approach us for assistance with a claim, we'll ask you for specific documents and information.

Radiology claims image
Getting a clear picture of radiology claims

19 November 2019

Dr Shabbir Choudhury, senior medical claims handler, analyses clinical negligence claims notified by MDU radiology members and provides advice on managing risk.

Claims in opthalmology image
Claims in ophthalmology

19 November 2019

Dr Shabbir Choudhury, senior medical claims handler analyses clinical negligence claims against ophthalmology members of the MDU over a ten-year period and offers advice on managing risk in this speciality.

Ear, nose and throat claims image
Ear, nose and throat claims

18 November 2019

Dr Gemma Taylor and Greta Barnes, senior claims handlers analyse clinical negligence claims against ear, nose and throat surgeons who are MDU members and offer advice on managing risk in this speciality.