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Consultation with a doctor
Delayed diagnosis in prostate and testicular cancer

16 November 2020

Advice on minimising the risk of a delayed diagnosis in prostate and testicular cancer.

Avoiding diagnosis delays in endometriosis
Avoiding diagnosis delays in endometriosis

29 October 2020

Diagnostic delays for endometriosis can occur as many of the symptoms are very similar to other common medical conditions.

Close up of hourglass with patient in background
How GPs can deal with referral delays caused by COVID-19

13 October 2020

Steps that could avoid patient harm if there is a delay in onward care.

Ombudsman complaints during pandemic

17 September 2020

Complaints to the ombudsman may increase as services resume.

Doctor listening to patient making complaint
Responding to local resolution complaints during pandemic

17 September 2020

The pandemic continues to impact the ability to respond to complaints.

Illustration of doctors building a healthy head and heart
Patient safety prospers when healthcare workers are well

15 September 2020

This World Patient Safety Day we look at the importance of healthcare workers' physical and psychological wellbeing.

Illustration of nurse wearing mask with flu virus in the air
Healthcare assistants and flu vaccinations

10 September 2020

Healthcare assistants can administer flu vaccines, provided robust protocols are in place that follow the legal framework.

Members reporting hundreds of patient complaints during lockdown

19 June 2020

We ask the public to consider additional pressures caused by complaints.

Signing document
Certifying deaths during COVID-19 outbreak

11 May 2020

The process for certifying deaths has changed during the coronavirus outbreak.

Remote consultation
Receiving and storing patient images from online consultations

1 May 2020

Patient images can be helpful in remote consultations, but be aware of the medico-legal issues around receiving and storing them.