Remote consultations - perspectives from practitioners

Remote consultations are not new but many doctors find themselves relying on them more.

13 November 2020

Length: 37:42

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many doctors have had to adapt the way they work, and adopt different methods for consulting with patients. Remote consultations are not new but many doctors find themselves relying on them more. 

One of the MDU’s medico-legal adviser Dr Edward Farnan, himself a former GP, is joined in discussion with two practitioners who have extensive knowledge of video consultation. Dr Julian Neal, a GP and co-founder and former medical director of Babylon Health and Dr Anshumen Bhagat, a GP and chief medical officer of GPDQ share their experience and tips for successful remote consultations. 

In this video, they explore the essential skills needed for video consultations, the barriers and possible pitfalls, as well as techniques that have served them well when consulting remotely.

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