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Student membership is free. Plus you’ll get savings on medical textbooks, Notes student journal, free indemnity for your elective and help with SJT exam preparation.

When you start clinical placements you may need advice and support. Put your mind at rest by speaking to our medico-legal experts who are doctors from a wide range of specialties.

MDU student membership is only available to medical students in the UK.

Why you should choose the MDU

What are the benefits?

  • Free Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary when you join as a fresher.
  • Stay up to date with case studies, careers advice and student articles in Notes, the MDU student journal.
  • Great savings on medical textbooks from leading publishers, plus sponsorship for student events.
  • Make light work of planning your elective with exclusive access to The Electives Network, plus free indemnity for your elective.
  • Boost your performance and get an exclusive member rate on SJT Preparation courses.
  • Assistance if you receive criticism from dealings with patients during the clinical aspects of your course.

  • Support if you face criminal investigations or proceedings arising from involvement in the care of patients.

Free dictionary for freshers

Cover of Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary

Free dictionary for freshers

Students applying for membership as a fresher receive an Oxford Medical Dictionary.

Becoming a member

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If you are going through a claim, as I did, you need to know somebody is immediately available when you call, that they can locate your file quickly and that their advice is sensible and reliable. The MDU does all this, and on top of that, you get genuine personal support. In a time of real crisis, that’s invaluable.”

General practitioner

My experience of the MDU is that it just takes one phone call and things start to happen. I had a stalker who followed me at work, but when they began to write to me at home, I felt very threatened. I didn’t sleep for days. Then I talked to an MDU adviser, and within a few hours a plan was in place to resolve the situation. It was a huge relief.”

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist

Frequently asked questions

Will you indemnify me on my elective?

One of the benefits of student membership with the MDU is free indemnity for your elective, but we also offer members exclusive access to The Electives Network (TEN).

TEN is the ultimate online elective planning resource, and as an MDU student members you can use it to find your perfect placement and make sure you’re fully prepared before you go.

How can you help me with my elective?

Before you go on your elective, it's important to make sure you have adequate indemnity in place. It’s likely your elective host will ask you for written confirmation or may even ask you to pay for professional indemnity.

We have partnered with The Electives Network (TEN) to help you plan your elective.

As well as free professional indemnity for your elective, we also provide you with:

Access to our 24-hour medico-legal advisory helpline.

All members can receive professional indemnity for Good Samaritan acts worldwide. This means providing clinical services related to a clinical emergency, accident or disaster when you are present as a bystander.

Visit here for more information.

Why do I need membership?

We support members throughout their careers - not just in times of crisis. For students, this means access to services and resources that will help you make the most of your student years.

MDU student membership, which is available only to medical students in the UK, is free and provides access to a wide range of services and support to assist you throughout your studies, in addition to the core benefits of membership.  

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